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Budget & Mid-Grade Casino Rental Games

Casino rental games, both budget and mid-grade, are our business and this is our favorite page!  There’s nothing like a thrifty casino; if it’s done right it will still look great and your satisfaction makes it all worth it.  Casino rental games.

On this page you will find:

  • Our most budget-friendly casino rental games.
  • Our slightly more extravagant mid-grade games.

No matter your budget, we have an economical solution to polish your event to a shine!

#1 Best TIP: No matter what you do, never omit the “staple games” (Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Craps); no casino night is complete without these 4 key games.  Also perhaps Slot Machines.

Chips / Cheques

With all rentals, we offer professional casino gaming cheques (chips).  All of our chips feature Chips / Cheques Sample Stack Amerifun.DENOMINATIONS, EDGE SPOTS and INLAY
(not a decal).

These are the best in the business, guaranteed.

  • Guests will love the look and feel of genuine casino cheques (plus they make just the right thud when you drop them on the table!).
  • Las Vegas-like atmosphere (great-looking chips really dress up the table).
  • No Guest Confusion (the denominations are right on the chip and are part of the chip with no chance of stray labels peeling off).
  • No Dealer Confusion (This is big!  Not only will the dealer know which chips to dole out, but he or she will have be able to do it easier and faster).

Note on Chips: All casino rental games packages always receive more chips than needed, 100% of the time, in all denominations.

Budget Rentals

Consider our budget-friendly casino rental game Felts, Tops or Mini Tables for your Budget casino rentals felt cloths from Amerifun Wichita KScasino night party rental needs.  Now we know what you’re thinking, but fact is these actually look pretty good all lined up in a row.  And since we guarantee them in new or nearly-new condition, just add in some quality chips, a few accessories and you’re all set!

  • Felts available in Blackjack, Roulette & Craps.
  • Tops are available in Blackjack or Roulette.
  • Mini Tables are available in Blackjack.

Our felt cloths are 3’x6′ and require a banquet table or space of equivalent size.  We will affix the cloth to the top of the table for you with double-sided carpet tape.  

We stock only Paulson & Chipco professional gaming cheques.

All of our bare cloth felts are replaced regularly.  Some of our budget rentals include clear vinyl mylar covers that are applied permanently when the felt is new.

Mid-Grade Rentals

Poker 6', Craps 6', Roulette 6' trioAll of our mid-grade casino game rentals are actual tables, not cloths or tops.  No banquet tables required.

Our mid-grade games are a real step up!  Fancy features included for most games.



TIP: Impress your guests with a mid-grade roulette & craps to go with your budget blackjacks.



Click for large view

Consider our blackjack cloth felt casino game rentals (banquet table req’d).

Deck of cards & table sign included.  You can also order with chips & accessories (dealing shoe w/ cards, discard holder & dealer tray) for a turn-key rental.  We also offer a 4′ table top hard version of the same cloth as well as a mini table version.

Upgraded Budget BlackjackBlackjack-Little-Gray-Bargain-Blackjack-Amerifun

NEW: Want a little more?  How about our Mini Blackjacks?! Now offering small blackjack tables (4×3) with legs. 

Consists of a wool cloth, encased in mylar, so it looks great forever.  Includes solid wood core and folding legs, no banquet table required.

These small gray tables are very functional little tables and are from our regular inventory.  The nice thing about these is the size, you can still get 7 people around them but they take up a very minimal space.

Mid-Grade Blackjack

Standard Mid-Grade Blackjack Black w/ red ArmrestIf your tastes require a more refined gaming experience consider our mid-grade casino rental games.

Advantages of Mid-Grade Blackjacks

  • Larger 5’x3′ minimum size
  • Custom Layout or Wool Pro Gaming Layout
  • Armrest or Chasing Lights

All our new tables receive our Amerifun black custom layouts.  Fade-resistant and made in the U.S.A..  Plus we cover ALL our tables with mylar clear vinyl (no wet spots if a drink is spilled; no damages) so they look great for years of use.

We still use our original lineup of standard blackjack tables in conjunction with new tables while we are in the process of upgrading every table (but they all still look great so it’s a dilemma!).



Rental Cost

Acrylic Shoe w/ Discard Holder

Plastic Dealer Tray Chips
Cloth 6’x3′
$10 $15 $5 $25 (500)
Top 5.5’x2.5′
$25 $15 $5 $25 (500)
Mini Table 4×3
$50 $15 $5 $25 (500)
Mid-Grade 5×3
$75 $15 $5 $25 (500)

* All accessories are optional and at your discretion but we will advise you on the best course of action.

TIP: Blackjack is the #1 favorite but Let it Ride, Three Card Poker & Caribbean Stud are the runners-up!

Other Mid-Grade (Level 1) Casino Rental Games

If you thought blackjack was all we had then you’re in for a real treat!  Our “Level 1 Games” are pretty much all the same size, shape and rate as blackjack (except bingo & poker 4′).  These games all have their own legs, no banquet table required (with the exception of bingo).

Blackjack – Let it Ride – 3 Card Poker – Caribbean Stud – Casino War – Pai Gow – Mini Baccarat – Red Dog – Bingo – Poker 4′


Rental Cost

Acrylic Shoe w/ Discard Holder

Plastic Dealer Tray Chips
Mid-Grade 1
$75 $15 $5 $25 (500+)

* All accessories are optional and at your discretion but we will advise you on the best course of action

TIP: Small groups: Consider ONE Let it Ride, Three Card Poker OR Caribbean Stud.
Medium-sized groups: Consider BOTH Let it Ride AND Three Card Poker.
Large groups: Consider all three games AND Casino War.
Very Large groups: Consider all of the above AND other Level 1 Games.


Poker-Tables-Tops-Wichita-KS-AmerifunOur Poker Top casino game rentals are 4′ wide, serve 8 players and are just fabulous.  You can achieve a great looking grouping of poker tables for very low cost (round banquet table req’d, table cloth recommended as shown).

Deck of cards, dealer puck & rank card included.  You can also order with chips, table cloth & dealer tray (purely optional).

Mid-Grade Poker

Our poker tops are FAST setup and look great and great… but if you want a little more, look no further!

Advantages of Mid-Grade Pokers

  • Built-in Dealer Tray (slide-out on 6′ tables).
  • Fancy snag-resistant cloth
  • No banquet table required
  • Skirting (purple tables).


Rental Cost

Black 6′ Table Cloth

Plastic Dealer Tray Chips
Top 48″ $25 $20 $5
$50 (1000)
4′ Round Table $75 ($50 sale)
n/a $5 $50 (1000)
L2 Mid-Grade 6′ Oval Table $125 n/a $5 $50 (1000)

* All accessories are optional and at your discretion but we will advise you on the best course of action.

Roulette Rental Games

Click for larger view

Click for larger view


Roulette Budget Amerifun

Click for larger view

The nice thing about roulette is you don’t really need any specific size banquet table (but you do need one).  Shown with optional side table but if you have an 8′ banquet table then you don’t really need the side table.

Table sign & marker included, wheel optional but needed.  You can also order with chips (bonus 200 high denominations chips included no extra charge with chip rental).

Mid-Grade Roulette

CRoulette 6' Amerifunonsider our original 6′ roulette for you next game lineup.  Includes chasing lights, skirting , skirting, drop box and clear vinyl covering.

Added Bonus: This table features adjustable legs if your guests need to sit (typically placed as stand-up height).

Want even more?  If your event is a ways off, consider our upcoming new oversized roulette 8′ with full-size 32″ casino wheel.  Pls ask for details (this is the biggest and best table in the world; set your casino nite apart from everyone!


Rental Cost

18″ Wheel & Ball

Black 8′ Banquet Cloth

Side Table
Cloth 6’x3′
$10 $25 $25 $5
$25 (1200)
Top 5.5’x2.5′
$25 $25 $25 $5 $25 (1200)
L2 Mid-Grade 6′ Table
$125 $25 n/a
$25 (1200)

All accessories are optional and at your discretion but we will advise you on the best course of action.

Craps Rental Games

Click for larger view

Click for larger view

Don’t forget about the dice for your next casino night!  This is a great solution for very low cost (minimum 6′ banquet table required).

Table sign included.  Walls optional but needed to keep the dice on the table.  Order with chips & accessories (dice, bowl, on/off pucks) for a turn-key rental.  Croupier stick not needed for this size table.

Mid-Grade CrapsCraps 6' Colage Amerifun

Six Foot Half Crap Amerifun

Click for larger view of the NEW Black Layout.

Our 6′ Half-Crap is the ideal craps solution for small groups or small spaces.  Serves 8.  Includes skirting, chasing lights along with padded armrest, chip rail & drink rail.



Craps Upgrade

Craps 8' Burgundy Amerifun

Click for larger view

Most of our 8′ games and larger are considered premium games but we have a bonus offering!  Consider our original Generation2 Craps 8′.  This was our main craps table until we added our larger versions.  Includes Chasing Lights, Skirting, Vinyl Covering, Drop Box and Chip Rail & Armrest all the way around.  Also this table is in 5 pieces so it’s very quick assembly.  TIP: If you order this table and need a blackjack too, ask about our matching burgundy blackjack.


Walls (3 pc)

Cloth 6’x3′ $10
$25 $10*
$50 (1000)
Mid-Grade 6′ $125 incl. incl. $50 (1000)
Gen2 8′ $200 incl. incl.  $75 (1500)

* Optional.

Other Mid-Grade (Level 2) Casino Rental Games

Our 6′ games & multi-component games are classified as “Level 2 Games” and include:

Color Wheel – Chuck A Luck – Poker 6′ – Roulette 6′ – Craps 6′





L2 Chuck-A-Luck
$125 $25 (cage)
incl. $25 (500)
L2 Color Wheel $75 $75 (wheel)
incl.  $25 (500)

* Optional.

Game Show Games

You know how Vegas is synonymous with a good show?  Well… consider a game show in conjunction with your casino night!  Players can “catch a show” before or after gaming.  Full Turn-key Rental available (this means we present it to you “walk-up ready”, just like our casino games!

Do you want to emulate a popular TV show?  Please inquire as to what production we may be able to help with.  TIP: Consider a game show that serves the most contestants.  A feud-style game show can be a good idea since it will serve 10 at a time.

Advance Data Entry (your own questions or standard ones available) included.

Complete Delivery, Setup, Tear-down & Removal (local or OTR delivery).

In-person software training as required (one hour).

Please plan for morning delivery for an evening show if you need decorations.. otherwise a 4-hour lead time is possible.

Computer – Software – Projector – Rear Projection Screen – Player Podiums – Lockout Units

Lockout Unit Amerifun Feud-style Casino Game Show Rentals

Click for Larger View



Lockout Unit Instructions Feud-style Casino Rentals Amerifun

Click for Larger View


Lockout unit sets up quick & easy, just plug in power cord and 1/4″ sound cable.  The cables exit the back of the unit (we tape them down and run them under the screen which is typically directly rear of the unit).  The host changes score & resets the unit via a hand-held remote control (this unit can be used alone or as an enhancement to computer software).  Approx 40″ high when in use (breaks down to 24″wx18″X24″h road case).  55lbs.

Lockout Unit

Team Positions(2)

PC w/ Software


8′ Screen
$150 $300 $200 $200

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